Why ProDirectional

Customers have a variety of options when choosing their horizontal and directional drilling service provider.

Why should you choose us?

Constant Commitment to Our Customers

When a customer chooses us, we dedicate our best personnel and provide the best equipment and services that we possess to provide the highest quality service.

Additionally, we are available around the clock and work interactively with our customer to ensure that we are fulfilling service needs at the highest possible level.

Focus on Total Cost Effectiveness

Our main objective is to arrive at our customers’ target faster than our competitors, with less downtime, whilst following the original well plan.

Through this process, we save our customers a substantial amount of money. Our customers understand this concept very clearly.

Integrity and Accountability

We believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers. We don’t make promises that we cannot keep, and we keep lines of communication open at all times.

Failures in equipment and mistakes by personnel do happen; however, unlike other competitors, we believe in timely communication of such events to our customers and we make every effort to reconcile these to provide a higher level of service.

Simply stated, we believe in treating our customers the same way that we expect to be treated.

Utilizing Company Owned Equipment

We strongly believe in owning our own equipment, versus renting or leasing. This allows us to deliver superior, more consistent service to our customers.

Furthermore, we are continuously researching, evaluating, and purchasing new equipment to ensure that the equipment used on our customers’ well-sites is the most dependable, productive, and robust equipment available.

This allows us to drill deeper, faster, and hotter than our competitors.


ProDirectional’s founders and executive management team has over 150 years of combined drilling experience, with the majority of that experience in horizontal and directional supervision.

Members of our senior management team have worked on cutting edge projects around the oil field. Our directional and MWD coordinators have a variety of experience ranging from coast to coast and are ready to tackle any challenge head on.

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