Drilling Expertise

ProDirectional is seasoned in every aspect of horizontal and directional drilling.

  • Horizontal drilling
  • Directional supervision
  • Conventional coring
  • Completion fluids
  • Rotary equipment
  • Remote Operations
  • Retrievable MWD tools
  • Well Planning
  • Field customer support
  • Onsite computer generated reports
  • Survey calculations and BHA design

ProDirectional utilizes its proprietary equipment to provide these services. We have incorporated design improvements into our tools to improve accuracy and increase time between failures. ProDirectional’s roster of available equipment includes:

  • Mud lube and sealed bearing mud motors in all sizes
  • Mud Pulse MWD Systems
    • Industry Leading Surface Detection Software
    • Dynamic Drilling Data Capabilities
    • Continuous Inclination and Azimuth
    • Real-time Shock and Vibration Measurements
  • LWD Technologies
    • Natural Gamma Ray
    • Azimuthal Gamma Ray
  • Electromagnetic MWD Systems
  • Pressure While Drilling

Well Planning & Field Reporting

ProDirectional provides accurate job status data to its customers on a timely basis. This begins with a detailed well plan created with the involvement of senior management. We rely exclusively on our in-house well planning department, which uses ellipse of uncertainty, anti-collision, and torque and drag software to provide a robust blueprint of our customers’ projects. Platform and pad projects are accurately plotted on spider maps.

Our field personnel are equipped to provide daily, accurate reporting once a job is underway. Job information is available at the completion of each operating day, and summarized in a concise completion report once we have successfully finished the job.