Survey Management

ProDirectional is seasoned in every aspect of horizontal and directional drilling.

Due to the uncertainty of wellbore positioning and the risks associated with tighter wellbore spacing, ProDirectional has worked with industry leaders to establish a team of Survey Management specialists that can meet the challenge of improved wellbore accuracy head on. Working hand in hand with all members of drilling operations, our Survey Management team employs industry accepted standards to accurately position the well while reducing the risk and uncertainty inherent to the drilling process. Following are some of the services provided by our Survey Management group.

  • Pre- & Post-drilling checks of all wellbore positioning data
  • Advanced QA/QC techniques for survey data
  • Elimination of magnetic interference from both crustal and BHA sources
  • Definitive end of well reports with all survey corrections
  • Survey database audits to ensure the accuracy of all wellbore positions and associated error models

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