ProDirectional is seasoned in every aspect of horizontal and directional drilling.

The combination of our company-owned equipment and our access to top vendors gives us the flexibility to provide the right equipment for your project. We own or have ready access to mud lube and sealed bearing motors of all sizes, and MWD systems that we can equip with gamma measurement capability for horizontal jobs. Our company-owned MWD tools are 100% wireline retrievable, and we provide a fully redundant kit on every job, so tool downtime does not result in rig downtime.


ProDirectional’s diverse ProPower motor fleet offers the power and reliability to excel in today’s harshest drilling environments. Our goal is to continually push the Engineering limits of materials and motor design to improve all aspects of down hole drilling performance.

The ProPower motor fleet utilizes a proprietary driveline system and lower end, which are designed to handle the highest torque rated power sections available in the market today. Through design development and partnerships with today’s industry leading experts, ProDirectional offers a broad range of power sections along with select “Premium” proprietary configurations to greatly increase penetration rates and improve overall drilling performance.

Our motor department and operations team work together to ensure that the optimal motor configuration and fit are selected to meet the customer’s specific drilling application requirements. All ProPower motors are assembled and configured in our state of the art motor facility, utilizing our industry leading QA/QC inspection processes and assembly procedures.


Our Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC) team leverages over 40 years of process management experience to deliver a level of service and attention to detail that we feel is unmatched in the down hole drilling services industry.

The QA/QC team utilizes precise state-of-the-art instrumentation in our climate controlled lab to accurately measure and inspect each down hole component before assembly and deployment to the well site. Our processes have been proven to increase product reliability while reducing catastrophic events and non-productive time for our customers. Our QA/QC team is specifically trained on processes and procedures that are designed to ensure all motor and MWD components fall within strict predetermined tolerances, establishing reliability while maintaining high quality products.

Research & Development

The primary objective of the Engineering team at ProDirectional is to present the technology needed to deliver industry-leading, value-added performance and reliability for our customers. This is accomplished through the continuous improvement of existing systems, introduction/integration of newer technology to MWD domain, integration of high-reliability components designed specifically for harsh environments, strenuous qualification of all designs under the harshest environmental conditions and partnership with vendors to create consistency within supply chain and manufacturing.

Ownership of the design allows us to tightly control the manufacturing, assembly and maintenance of key components, top-level down. We understand that merely one weak link in a complex chain of components can bring down an MWD system, so we optimize each step of the manufacturing process to ensure assemblies are built and configured to achieve maximum reliability. Materials are selected based on their design-for-purpose and a proven track record of performance in harsh environments. Lifetime exposure of each component to high temperature, shock/vibration and total cumulative circulating hours is tracked and monitored to trigger replacement of critical components at regular service intervals. Our in-process component-level verification allows us to detect and even predict failure modes during service & repair. All probes are extensively heat cycled as a complete working system, and performance is evaluated under real world operating conditions prior to release to the field, giving the operators the confidence to push the performance even further.


ProDirectional’s MWD fleet offers a variety of Mud Pulse and Electromagnetic (EM) telemetry options to fit all drilling applications throughout the continental U.S. Our main objective is to offer a cost effective solution, while providing our customers with the high quality information necessary to maximize their overall efficiency and reach their intended target zones. Through our internal engineering efforts and partnerships with industry leading experts, we have developed a technologically advanced, high speed MWD system with various LWD options. Our Pro H.E.A.T. Series MWD Suite has the ability to provide multiple levels of dynamic drilling data with unprecedented product reliability up to 365° F.

Remote Operations Center

The mission of ProDirectional’s Remote Operations Center (ROC1) is to address the challenges of the modern drilling environment with the latest technological tools.  ROC1 offers field support 24/7 through the use of automated, real-time advanced drilling control, well planning, and well logging software platforms.  ROC1 can monitor and direct operations for all U.S. well locations. Because directional drilling and MWD operations filter through one advanced center, ROC1 is able to quickly identify and solve potential down hole issues before they result in unnecessary non-productive time for the customer.

Drilling a well on time and on budget begins with the planning phase, where our well planners work one-on-one with the customer to ensure that the target formation is reached while minimizing HSE risks. The latest well engineering software suites and industry accepted error models are paired with decades of planning expertise. Advanced survey management services, either post-run / well or real time, seamlessly tie into the well planning phase and are executed at ROC1 by qualified personnel.  This further reduces uncertainties in well bore placement to ensure a profitable well for the customer – even in the most challenging of fields.


Engineering services such as Torque and Drag Modeling and BHA Analysis provide our Operation Support and Drilling Engineers better understanding of potential challenges before, during, and after the execution of the drilling phase. By using the Real-Time data filtered through ROC1 these engineers are able to optimize each drilling program to reduce drilling dysfunction thus leading to increased tool life and higher quality wellbores.

  • ROC1
    • Real-Time Survey, Gamma Ray, Shock & Vibe & Custom Data logging
    • Pre & Post Run QA / QC
    • 24/7 – 365 Field and Customer Support
    • Downhole Troubleshooting
    • Anti-Collision monitoring
  • Advanced Survey Management
    • Multi-Station Analysis through high density 6-axis survey data
    • Sag, Stretch, & Stockhausen Corrections improve TVD accuracy
    • EOU Reduction
  • Well Planning
    • HDGM Magnetic Model
    • Latest Industry accepted and qualified Error Models
  • Engineering and Operation Support Services
    • Well Design & Engineering Software
    • T&D, Pre & Post Run BHA Analysis

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